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Making Our Way Back

By Jennah Thornhill

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One minute I had my best friend, my only friend in my life.

I got through my shitty existence because of Kane.

He was my everything, my best friend and my saviour at school.

He saved me every day from the school bullies, made living with my Mother so much easier.

Then one day he just disappeared.

No explanation, no goodbye… nothing.

I got on with my life, slowly I mended my broken teenage heart.

Now I’m one of London’s most notorious divorce attorneys, but deep inside I’ve got so much anger and hurt.

Then like a ghost from the grave, Kane shows up needing me.

It’s been thirteen years since I’ve seen him, only now I don’t know if I want to punch him or rip his clothes off.

I still don’t know why he left me when we were fourteen, but I have every intention of finding out.

Even if it breaks me even more.

I have to know, he’s the only boy I’ve ever loved.


I never thought for one minute I would have to leave her behind, but I had to.

It was taken out of my hands.

She thought I just protected her at school, but she has no idea what else I’ve done.

She’s always been in my thoughts from the minute I left her.

I should never be allowed to just sit and think. Because when I do my mind always drifts back in time, to a time when dealing with my druggie Dad was actually simple. With those thoughts come the flashbacks; flashbacks that she’s always present in. Her crying in the girls toilets, her laughing and playing on the rope swing I made for us at our spot. She was my happy place. Then I monumentally fucked up and I left her. She has no idea what happened after I left her that day at school crying, I didn’t want her knowing. I know if she did then she would think I was some sort of monster, but what I did, I did it for her.

Everything was always for her.

She is the only girl I’ve ever loved.

I just hope she doesn’t hate me when she finds out, because she will find out.

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Author Bio

Jennah Thornhill is a mother and a wife, she lives in a small town called Stoke-On-Trent with her husband and 2 children. She’s always been an avid reader but due to a health condition she could no longer go into a work place. So one day she had this bright idea to write about four cocky but very sexy rockstars. That’s when the Syren Series was born. Syren’s Angel her debut novel was released in April swiftly followed my Syren’s Heaven & Hell in July 2017! Jennah has now released 5 books and is working on more

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