Review of Meant To Be by Sienna Grant

I just absolutely love Sienna’s books and this one is another firm favourite of mine.

Meant To Be is a story of young love, two teenagers who you know are MEANT TO BE, you can feel the love for each other as you read this story. I instantly fell in love with these characters and throughout the book I was rooting for their happily ever after.

But what should be a simple fall in love Romance, never happens like that. Obstacles get in their way and their have to fight to be together. Can these two lovebirds make their way back to each and find the happiness they so desperately deserve? Or will the twists and turns tear them apart?

Sienna is undoubtedly one of my top authors to read, each book she writes…she captures me with her beautiful words. This story has again proven how amazing she is. An outstanding 5 ⭐️ read and one where you just fall instantly in love and feel yourself smiling as you read. Loved it from the first word.

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