Review of Falling for Nicole by Tracy Lorraine by Tracy

When I read Tracy’s books I know it’s going to be amazing but let me tell you this story is unbelievably beautiful! From the very first page, right to the very last, you are taken on an emotional rollercoaster of a ride!

Nicole and Declan are wonderful to read, I loved their banter so much and their love/hate relationship. Tracy at times had me wanting to throw my kindle or jump the book and bang the characters heads together. Throughout the whole story I was rooting for these 2 to make it.

Now parts of this story absolutely broke me, you know when reading it, it’s written from the heart. I cried so much at times and just wanted to hug the characters and hold them tight and not let them go!

Tracy is undoubtedly a wonderful and talented author, she has not only written a book that will touch many people’s lives but she has done it so amazingly beautiful. This book I would definitely love to give more than 5 ⭐️ it’s my absolute favourite of hers.

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