Review of Broken Love Story by Natasha Madison by Tracy

The minute I started this book I knew hands down it would be my favourite! Throughout this whole story it held my heart and didn’t once let go…Natasha Madison is an amazing author who has made the most emotional story I think I can say I have ever read.

Blake and Samantha both have broken hearts and all you want is for them to have them be whole again! I literally cried throughout this book, it honest to god got me…like full on sobbing at parts! The whole story I just wanted them to come together and have their own happy ever after that their both deserved!

I can not begin to say how amazing this story is and the best one in this series. It for me is an amazing 5 ⭐️ read and one I would honestly recommend to anyone! I loved everything about the book and was a little sad it ended…the whole characters from all the books I could have so easily carried on reading about. I really hope we get another book about them all. Brilliant read and series.

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