Review of Dare to Love by Harper Phoenix by Tracy

Wow what a book!!!

I have read everyone of Harper’s books and I can not begin to say how I much absolutely loved this story….the whole story had me completely hooked and gripped me from the beginning to the end….everything in between had me gasping and praying everything would be ok, I was left completely on the edge of my seat at parts and OMG that ending….

Harrison and Grace are fantastic characters and you can honestly feel the chemistry between them….I loved the how they would bicker at first and how Grace would stand her ground…and how Harrison wasn’t having any of it…loved how they came together and knew that they just had to be together…

Harper’s style of writing has definitely come on so much since her first book and this book is absolutely amazing and one I would recommend to everyone!! Definitely a 5 ⭐️ read for me and I have loved reading about all these characters again…hope they will be more from this series. Definitely a nail biting gripping read.

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