The Fight Of My Life by Sienna Grant by Tracy

Seriously everyone needs to read this book!!!

I can not begin to say how AMAZING this book is, from the very beginning you are completely sucked into the story and not once does it let you go….Sienna has a way with words and this story leaves you feeling so many emotions!

At times with this story I honestly wanted to jump the book and do actually damage to the characters….my heart was breaking so bad and it made me feel murderous…I have never read a book that has left me feeling so many emotions, from wanting to cry, to smiling so big I thought my face would crack!

The characters in this book make it, I loved Jasmine so much and Cole just makes you want to have him for yourself! Throughout this story I was fighting right there with these characters, I was like there own personal cheering squad…the secondary characters play a big part as well, you just know they are there to protect Jasmine.

I can honestly say Sienna is amazing with her words, I have loved everything I have ever read of hers, this one definitely made me want to grab hold of her and just say โ€œwhat the hell you doing to meโ€. Hands down a 5 ๐ŸŒŸ read….if I could I would award it 10 ๐ŸŒŸ….I know this story will stay with me a long time, such an amazing gripping read, one that has you dealing with some very hard subjects…but as always Sienna has written it all beautifully…loved it!!

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