Review of Something So Unscripted by Natasha Madison by Tracy

I can not begin to tell you how utterly amazing this story was….I don’t think I have read a book that pulls at your heart strings so much, as what Something So Unscripted does….

Natasha Madison has once again produce a beautiful story of love….from the first chapter, right to the epilogue you can not but fall completely in love with this story…and oh my word the characters in this story are just the absolute best!!

Denise and Zack are just completely made for each other…and whoever doesn’t fall in love with Jack needs a new heart….he is undoubtedly the most adorable little boy and all the way through this book I just wanted to hug him and hold him tight…

Throughout this whole story my heart was so full off emotion, I honestly at times had tears rolling down my cheeks….my cheeks hurt so much from smiling so big….

This has to be hands down my absolute favourite of Natasha’s books…she has completely nailed it…if I could give this book more than 5 ⭐️ I honestly would….undoubtedly brilliant and I can begin to say how much people need to read it, the whole series in fact.

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