Review of Eden by Elle Ward by Tracy.

Absolutely loved it!!

This is the authors debut book, and yes I can see room for improvement a little, I know without a doubt she is a fab writer and has produced a story that I really enjoyed….

Mia and Dillon are fab characters who you can relate to I think, I love Mia’s character so much, she really comes out her shell and Dillon you think you have pegged in the arsehole category but a whole new side comes out towards the end…

This story I found to be so fun to read, it kept me hooked from the very start….a simple Author struggling with her books and she tries to revamp it all….loved it!!

Elle definitely has a flare for writing, I can not wait to read more from her, I honestly give this a 5 🌟 rating….the story flowed lovely and not once did I feel like it dragged, I found it to be hot and sexy to read. Well done on your debut book.

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