Review of Conflicted by Maria Macdonald by Tracy

My heart is so full right now….

This story is WOW yeah unbelievably heartwarmingly beautiful….I have so many feels right now…from the very beginning when reading the prologue, you are completely pulled into this story, and it doesn’t let you go….

Caden and Casper are so completely made for each, you can see from the very first meeting, this author has produced characters that you honestly feel like you are there right along with them, going through every emotion they do…from the first meeting to right to the very end, you are rooting for these 2 characters to be together…

The book honestly has you feel so many emotions while reading it, from smiling, to crying, to complete and utter shock….you felt it all. I can honestly say this book deserves 5 ⭐️ if not so much more….you can not help but fall completely in love with the whole story. Absolutely amazing and undoubtedly a brilliant author.

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