My review of Picking Up The Pieces by Sienna Grant by Tracy.

This story is absolutely and unbelievably brilliant!!

I can not begin to say how much I loved this story from start to finish, from the minute you start reading this book you are completely sucked in and it never lets you go….the whole time I was reading it I just wanted to physically go and see this author and tell her how amazing she is!!

This story has you honestly going through every emotion…from page one your heart just breaks with the storyline….Alexia is honestly one strong woman and you can not but want to fight with her….now Blake oh my word….he is the most amazing, gorgeous, heart stopping man you will ever come across….he makes you swoon so hard and you just have to love everything about him….he is up there with my top book boyfriends for definite..

I laughed, cried, smiled, and loved everything about this whole story…Sienna is undoubtedly one amazing and talented author…she has produced a story that has some very hard storylines in but makes the story so well written you have to read and know they get there HEA…

Definitely in my eyes a 5 ⭐️ read…I would say more like 10 ⭐️….I can not wait for more in this series from this amazing author.

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