Review of Daisy by Gemma Weir by Tracy


This book is absolutely AMAZING and everyone needs to read this book!!

Daisy is the 2nd book in the Archers Creek series, I loved Echo but wow Daisy has knocked it out the park….Gemma has undoubtedly produced a book that from page 1 to the very last page captures you…and let me tell you need to read to the very last page…

Daisy and Angel are just destined to be together, from the very first meeting you know these 2 characters will be together forever!! I loved Daisy..he is just a character you can’t help but fall in love with, he is so sweet and loving!! Angel is a girl you just want to hold in your arms and save from everything…these characters are brilliant and make this story what it is!

The whole story honestly pulled me in, I didn’t want it to end but at the same time I just had to keep reading to know what was gonna happen…this story is just so gripping and it makes you shout at the book, and believe me I did shout at it…it has twist and turns I didn’t expect at all.

Gemma Weirs writing style is definitely amazing and I just love the stories she writes, this one deserves 5 ⭐️ if not so much more…amazing read and I can’t wait for more books from this undoubtedly brilliant author.

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