Review of Reckless by Lex Martin by Tracy

Honestly this has to be the absolute best book I have read in a long time!!

This is a new author to me and I can even begin to describe how utterly AMAZING this story was…hot sexy Nanny….single Dad with 2 wonderful and adorable kids….farm in Texas….what’s not to love about it all…

I instantly fell in love with these characters…the feisty Tori and so lovable Ethan…these 2 are a match made in heaven…I loved the instant chemistry between, there first meeting was just brilliant!! I loved how all the characters in this story play a big part…some of the characters had me wanting to jump the book just to throttle them….the children in this book just capture your heart big time…who couldn’t not fall in love with these 2 adorable little ones…you just want to hold them and tell them everything will be ok.

This author has honestly hands down produced a book that had me feel so many emotions….I loved the ending…loved the whole story…my heart was so full and at times I even had a small tear in my eyes….but also at times I just laughed out loud….

This book definitely deserves 5 🌟 in my eyes deserves so so so much more…I can not wait to read more books from this author….if there anything like this one, I know without a doubt I will absolutely LOVE them. Thank you for an amazing read…

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