Review of Playing to Win by Laura Carter by Tracy

Oh my word Laura Carter has nailed this book!!

I honestly hands down loved this book so much…Brook and Izzy’s story is without a doubt laugh out funny, I loved the banter and antics these 2 characters got up to…I loved how they had this love/hate relationship but you just knew that they had to be together.

Izzy is trying to prove that she can do it to her parents and goes to New York to promote her new book…..Brook is a fitness instructor with his own gym….from the very start these 2 don’t get off to a great start and from then on you just can’t help but laugh at them and the way they are with each other.

Playing to Win is the 2nd instalment in this series, I thought Balancing The Scales was good but this book is just brilliant and my favourite so far.

Definitely in my eyes deserves 5 🌟and I so can’t wait for the next book in the series. Laura Carter definitely has a very good writing style and I loved how her stories flow and you just get so lost in the story you don’t want it end. Absolute amazing story and one I would recommend to anyone.

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