Review of Crossed Forces by Autumn Ruby by Tracy


Honestly it’s not often I come across a new author with there debut book and it blows me away…Autumn Ruby has done that..this book is undoubtedly AMAZING and a must read by EVERYONE!!

Crossed forces is packed full of action and suspense and honestly keeps you on the edge of your seat, I loved how it went in to so much detail that you honestly feel like your living the story.

These characters are just absolutely amazing and Blake is just yummy, Candy is absolutely perfect for him and I just prayed for them to find there HEA.

Throughout this whole story I went through so many emotions, times I could have quite easily jumped the book and fought for these characters myself. I smiled so big with this book, I really didn’t want it to end.

Autumn Ruby has without a doubt produced an amazing story…..definitely deserves 5 🌟 in my eyes deserves so many more. I definitely recommend this book to anyone. My top read so far this year. Well done on a fantastic debut book.

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