Review of break my fall by Chloe Walsh by Tracy.

Well after struggling to get into books for the last week or so, a good friend told me to read Chloe’s books, I had never read any before and I am so glad I did….I loved this rollercoaster of a story!!

Kyle is without a doubt so lovely and you can’t help but fall in love with him, and also feel so sorry for him! Lee my word she hasn’t had it easy and your heart breaks for her and all the crap life has dealt her….you just pray for her to find a HEA in her life.

This whole story was a rollercoaster ride, you felt for these characters and all you wanted was for them to find there way together and stay there, but life has a way of dealing a rubbish hand to them….the secondary characters made this story all the more intense, at times I just wanted to jump into the book and cause actual harm to one of them.

Chloe definitely has a way of words and I can honestly say this book deserves 5 🌟 and I can’t wait to dive into the next book and find out more about these characters. I definitely found a new author I like.

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