Review of Miss Mechanic by Emma Hart by Tracy.

Bloody love this book!!

This book is absolutely funny as shit, I loved the whole story and didn’t want it to end!! This is the 2nd in the gender flip stories and again Emma has done it brilliant in my eyes, I loved how the whole story went….

The characters are absolutely amazing and I couldn’t find fault with them, Jamie is just fab with her sassy attitude and take no crap….she certainly can give as good as she gets and I just love that she proves it. Dex well what can I say about him, I loved every side of him, from the ass he can be, to be the sweet loving guy as well. These characters chemistry was off the charts, it was seriously HOT…..I honestly I could have continued reading of Jamie and Dex they was just brilliant and I smiled so much at there arguments lol.

This story without a doubt in my eyes deserves 5 ⭐️, I have loved the gender flip stories from Emma and really hope there is more in store in the future. I definitely recommend this to anyone.

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